"Mixed Bag"

“Mixed Bag” is a series on Psychiatry at the Margins where I ask an expert to select 5 items to explore a particular topic: a book, a concept, a person, an article, and a surprise item (at the expert’s discretion). For each item they have to explain why they selected it and what it signifies. — Awais Aftab

  1. Adam DeVille on Psychoanalysis

  2. Hel Spandler on Mad Studies

  3. Jesus Ramirez-Bermudez on Neuropsychiatry and Literature

  4. Audrey Clare Farley on Race Science and Christianity

  5. Alastair Morgan on Continental Philosophy of Psychiatry

  6. Mark Oldham on Delirium

  7. Philip R. Corlett on Predictive Processing and Delusions

  8. Richard Gipps on Loneliness

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