Psychiatry at the Margins is a newsletter about exploring critical, philosophical, and scientific debates in psychiatric practice and the psy-sciences. I am Awais Aftab, a psychiatrist in the US who is active in these debates as a clinician, educator, scholar, and writer (learn more about me here).

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Mixed Bag

Psychiatric Diagnosis & Explanation


Psychiatry and Lived Experience

Psychiatry and the Mind-Body Divide

Psychiatric Culture Wars

I post links to a curated selection of online articles and stories about once a month. These posts are for paid subscribers with a preview available for free subscribers. I also occasionally share quotes/passages from books/articles that I find interesting and thought-provoking. For such posts, my goal is to focus on material that the average reader of this newsletter is unlikely to have come across on their own, but would find relevant. These are often, but not always, for paid subscribers as well. Examples:

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Exploring critical, philosophical, and scientific debates in psychiatric practice and the psy-sciences


Awais Aftab 

Psychiatrist with philosophical interests.